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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 'The Russia Database'?

The Russia Database, encyclopedia of Russian artists the definitive database of Russian and Soviet artists from 18 century to today - the largest database in the world with up to 45000 names included. It covers every professional artist in Russia or the 15 republics of the USSR, who worked in the fields of fine art, graphic art and sculpture.

2. Why should I create an account with The Russia Database?

By creating an account, you will have access to all parts and features of our site. You will also have an option to go on our mailing list with news and updates on Russian art.

3. What are the free services The Russia Database offers?

Users will be able to search completely free of charge surnames of some 45,000 artists on our database, as well as their first names and patronymics. Also, artists dates of birth and death if applicable can be viewed free of charge.

4. Can I delete my account?

If you would like to delete your account, simply send us an email and we will follow your instructions.

5. How to use paid services?

You can add any ammount to your account by using the Account button which can be found on the Home page.

6. What form of payment do you accept?

You can use Paypal link on the Account page which allows you to pay either from your Paypal balance or by credit or debit cards.

7. How do I login if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, just use the forgot password functionality.

8. How do I search The Russia Database?

There are 2 ways to perform a search on our site - Basic and Advanced search. You have to specify at least 4 characters in the search field. Basic search will allow you to search the first and the surnames of the artist, while Advanced search enables to find any keyword in any part of the site - eg. within biographies, as part of picture captions and so on.

9. I am an artist. How do I submit my artwork for consideration?

You are invited to email us with full information, which will be considered for inclusion in our database.

10. Will you share my personal information with anyone else?

No. We will not share your information with any third party.

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